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WCM Investment Management | WCM Investment Management provides innovative, growth equity investment advisory services. Our firm focuses on fundamental, original equity research as the foundation for superior portfolio returns. We are a responsive company that provides tailored, client-specific services to a variety of clients including corporations, private individuals, public funds, Taft-Hartley plans, endowments and foundations.
Committed to Culture

Our investment experience has shown time and again that success stories are underpinned by intentional cultures focused around simple, achievable ends. This understanding is leveraged not only in our investment process, but more immediately at the heart of our organizational ethos.

WCM's primary goal is to generate long-term, sustainable excess returns for clients through a culture of innovation, close alignment of employee incentives with client objectives, and a flat power structure that fosters meritocracy and debate.

About WCM Investment Management

WCM provides innovative, equity investment advisory services for a variety of clients, including corporations, private individuals, public and private funds, Taft-Hartley plans, endowments, and foundations. Original equity research provides the foundation for our goal of long-term excess return.

WCM is an independent asset management firm that is motivated by a spirit of broad-based employee ownership. We are a profitable, financially sound investment company with no debt. Our headquarters is in Laguna Beach, California.

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Mutual Funds

WCM Investment Management offers several institutional and investor class mutual funds. Visit our mutual fund website to learn more.

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To learn more, please call 949.380.0200 or visit our contact page for further information.

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